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Assistant Project Manager

Position Title:  Assistant Project Manager                                                     

Reports to: Building Manager


General Summary

Administrative and project support to the Project Management Group. 

Essential Job Functions/Responsibilities:

·         Solicit and Review all proposals from architects, engineers, and other vendors and consultants to prepare scope documents or reports that support the leasing and capital work in the commercial department.  Review proposed costs and scope with the respective property and project managers.

·         Assist with preparing scope packages that will be bid

·         Work with business team and the Procurement team during the bid process to set walkthroughs for bidding and jointly level the bids received.  Providing ancillary materials as required for Procurement to be able to complete any contracts. 

·         Initiating requisitions/purchase orders for project management assigned projects

·         Track what is being purchased and invoiced. Making sure that the vendor does not over bill. Track project costs to budget.

·         Oversee/close out process.

·         Reviewing vendor invoices for projects. Coordinating percentages complete with Ivalua payment process and accounting on all purchase orders.

·         Create invoice deliveries in Purchase Order system

·         Reviewing outstanding vendor invoices, coordinating with accounting when outstanding invoices will be paid. Checking to see which vendor invoices were paid and which still need to be submitted for approval/payments.

·         Tracking Contractor and Sub-Contractor’s lien waivers for all project management projects (partial/final).

·         Project Management Reports – Creating portfolio project tracking reports.

·         Taking meeting minutes for all project meetings where Project Management is the lead.

·         Processes check requests for DOB filings and inspections

·         Special projects as needed along with support that may be needed for Commercial’s successful operation.

·         Reconciliations for Leasing/Tenant Projects where there is a TI allowance or Tenant’s spend is beyond the allowance.



  • Bachelor’s Degree is required. A degree in engineering or project management is preferred
  • 3-5 years of Commercial project management experience is required

Only qualified candidates will be considered.
Please submit Resume in A WORD DOCUMENT
Please let us know if you are available on Zoom, Skype and or FaceTime.
Please no phone calls.